5 Tips On Increasing Employee Commitment Using Digital Signage

July 4, 2016 by guest author, Luis Villafane


Guest Post: Richard Fortin, ITESMEDIA

Richard Fortin

Richard Fortin

Sadly, many employees show up at work day after day without any real motivation. Worse still, some are there only to work their hours and collect their paycheque. It’s hard to imagine they’re very committed to the success of their company.

Commitment has become a major management concern. It’s the number one human capital priority for 91% of Canadian companies. Research tells us that a committed employee:

This first part of two posts presents two of the five digital signage tips that will increase your employees’ commitment:


1 – Show gratitude

If you are having doubts about the importance of gratitude in generating employee commitment, here are a few numbers that might convince you:

But here’s the problem: only 24% of employees are satisfied with the level of gratitude they receive.

It’s really important to communicate with employees, in order to recognize their good deeds. Here are a few examples:

Along with the simple act of showing gratitude around a workplace, digital signage also lets you show your employees that gratitude quickly. As soon as the good deed is accomplished, it is possible to communicate congratulations. You don’t have to wait for the next newsletter. The next big staff meeting. Digital signage lets you communicate with the right people at the right time.

2 – Develop a sense of belonging

Teamwork is a good way to get employees to commit to their job. It’s a way to develop a sense of belonging, not only towards the company, but also towards colleagues.

Digital signage is a good tool for sharing information about employees in order to get to know the people with whom we work, and therefore form bonds more easily. For instance, we can display:

Here is a concrete example, from our client ArcelorMittal, of what can be displayed on a screen.


Here’s the translation: «More than 160 ArcelorMittal participants in the Festival de la Gibelotte race. Congratulations to all runners and walkers that took part in the event this last July 8th!»

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This post originally appeared in the ITESMEDIA blog, a great dual-language resource for digital signage insights from the Montreal-based company.”

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