16:9 Podcasts: Rick Cope, NanoLumens

June 29, 2016 by Dave Haynes


In this episode, I’m speaking with Rick Cope, the founder and CEO of NanoLumens, which makes and markets its own line of unique indoor and outdoor LED displays from its facilities in Atlanta.

Rick has a really interesting background, coming out of the US Marines and being in the thick of things during Desert Storm, working for DARPA, making electric cars 20 years ago, and then getting into areas like fuel cells and battery charging systems.

Rick talks about howNanoLumens got started, how his business has grown very crowded, and how he plans to go after overseas companies he believes are violatingNanoLumens’ patents. He also talks about the stinger missile he has in his office (I have, let’s see, a stapler!).

We did this interview on the floor at InfoComm, which is why it’s so freaking noisy. That’s his wife Karen Robinson laughing and yakking in the background. She’s EVP for Strategy at the company, and a bit of a live wire.

Nice people. Enjoy.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyable, thank you!

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