IoT Meets Digital Signage: July 12th Webinar

June 22, 2016 by Dave Haynes


It was pretty rare for me to patch in to a webinar, let alone run or be part of one – but all of a sudden I’m doing a bunch.

The next one is the second in what is a series of online discussions I’m doing with Canonical, the guys behind Ubuntu Linux. I did one earlier in the month with Viktor Petersson from Screenly, and in mid-July, I’m doing episode 2 on the subject of: Digital Signage meets IoT: Data-triggered content and 4G base stations

The July 12th session will be with two guys with far more interesting names: Nikodem Lacki, CTO of Boldmind, and Ebrahim Busheri, CEO of Lime SDR. Boldmind does on-demand experiential advertising at retail malls and airports, and Lime SDR has found a way to have digital signage media players double up as configurable 4G base stations.

The discussion will see them touch on a variety of topics:

  • Digital signage industry trends;
  • The disruptive effects of software and software on the industry;
  • New business opportunities for advertisers and screen owners;
  • Real life examples of innovative services launched across the world.

Here’s the information page …


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