Ad Campaign Hyper-Targets Apartment Rentals To Digital Posters In NYC Neighbourhoods

June 17, 2016 by Dave Haynes


You’re reading more and more lately about the impact data will have on future advertising and visual communications, and here’s a small ad campaign, now running in New York, that shows some of the possibilities.

Those LinkNYC interactive information stations that are popping up around Manhattan and the boroughs, replacing phone booths, are there to provide WiFi and information to New Yorkers – paid for by advertising.

A company called StreetEasy has launched LinkNYC’s first real estate ad campaign this week, running apartment for rent listings that are keyed to that geo-location. Different listings will rotate each day, and StreetEasy will update apartment listings through direct access to Link’s API, aligning apartment locations with individual Links.

So that means an apartment-hunter will see an ad for a place on that street, or around the corner – not five subway stops up a line, or in another borough.

Ads for the apartment listings change every couple of hours via LinkNYC’s’s API. The listings are the same as what StreetEasy has online and on its mobile app.

What’s being done here is not mind-blowingly hard to technically pull off. BroadSign, for example, could target ads based on meta data a decade ago. The point here is that the ads are relevant to the place and moment, and that if you have the data, and a data-driven platform, this sort of thing is totally do-able.


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