Up Tomorrow On 16:9 Podcasts: Randy Dearborn Of MGM Resorts

June 14, 2016 by Dave Haynes

880x880-podcastsLast week I spent some time in Las Vegas with Randy Dearborn, who has been doing digital signage since 1993, since before anyone called it digital signage.

He started with a skunkworks operation at Treasure Island and now runs one of the most extensive, diverse and sophisticated networks on the planet, encompassing all the screens that fall under MGM Resorts International.

I also wanted to yak with him because he’s the chairman this year of the Digital Signage Federation, and he kindly allowed me into his court. I didn’t even have to kneel before his throne!

His podcast interview goes up overnight, and you can listen on your desktop off the main hosting site, or via iTunes, Google Play or whatever you use to grab podcast RSS feeds.

This will be the ninth in the series, and I banked a summer’s worth of great chats last week, including Jeremy Gavin from Screenfeed, Vincent Encontre from Intuilab, Randy Pagnan of RP Visuals, Florian Rotberg of Invidis, John Wang from IAdea, Rick Cope of Nanolumens and Jennifer Davis of Planar. They’ll come out each Tuesday-Wednesday overnight.

The podcast series has waaaay exceeded whatever vague expectations I had – with more than 10,300 downloads in the first five weeks. The main hosting site shows about 1,100 downloads, but that doesn’t reflect the RSS feed downloads from other platforms, which makes the total number about 10X the host site number.

Costs were adding up – I contract an engineer to put the raw recordings together – so I was pleased when a company contacted me, out of the blue, offering to sponsor, with a minimal set of audio plugs. That sponsorship will go live in a couple of weeks.


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