PATTISON Onestop Catching Up With Captivate In Canadian Elevator Media Race

June 14, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Canadian outdoor media owner PATTISON Onestop appears to be catching up to Captivate when it comes to market dominance in the elevator media space – having just announced a deal to take over a set of Canadian buildings from its Boston-based rival.

The company, a division of PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, has added to its Digital Office Network (aka DON) with 13 office tower properties managed by GWL Realty Advisors Inc., located in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. They were previously installed with Captivate’s screens.

“PATTISON Onestop has enjoyed a successful five-year partnership with GWL Realty Advisors, and the addition of these commercial properties and 128 new screens will increase the reach of our network in key markets across Canada,” says Cam Milne, Vice President/General Manager of PATTISON Onestop. “We are very excited to have a presence in some of Canada’s most prominent office buildings, including Toronto’s Commerce Court and Calgary’s Stock Exchange Tower.”

The network is up seven major markets across Canada, running a blend of news and weather, building messaging and the advertising that pays the bills.

The Canadian company now has 235 properties with 1,530 screens, while Captivate says it has fewer (192) buildings but more (1,803) screens. It’s not clear if that number is the count before or after these buildings and screens are lumped in there (likely before). Pattison points out it has market coverage from coast to coast, while about 60% of Captivate’s screens are in Toronto.

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