The InfoComm Blast Furnace Is On

June 6, 2016 by Dave Haynes


I am in Las Vegas this week, where it is a bit hot. This is what my rental car dashboard was telling me for the outside temperature at about 2 PM yesterday – 115 F.

So if you are coming here for InfoComm this week, don’t worry about packing a sweater.

I have a series of podcast interviews today and through the week, and today I have to carve out some time to run myself through the 45-minute talk I am doing at the Digital Signage Summit. The talk is about strategy, and how, crazily, I think more projects should be built around objectives than pretty displays and slick software.

Posts will be a bit limited this week, as my schedule is packed, and blast furnace heat means I need to hydrate myself in places with taps. Between NBA and NHL finals, and a couple of big soccer tournaments, there’s a lot of reasons to be in sports bars.

  1. Kris Konrath says:

    Looks like your car is telling you to “run” too. Not sure I’d take that advice in the heat. Hope to bump into you this week!

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