Sixteen:Nine Podcasts: Stu Armstrong of ComQi

June 1, 2016 by Dave Haynes


In this episode of Sixteen:Nine Podcasts, I’m speaking with Stu Armstrong, President of the Americas for ComQi, a CMS software and services company with offices in London, New York and Toronto.

Stu talks about the opportunities and challenges of working with the retail sector, and how after many years, signage is getting some serious traction in stores. He also talks about a very different line of business for the company – delivering behind the scenes corporate communications solutions like staff training.

We also get into the state of the industry and its member organizations, as Stu was in the middle of the DSA Hatfields vs DSF McCoys thing a few years ago.

Armstrong is based in New York, but he was up in Toronto recently. ComQi’s R&D offices are a 5 minute drive from 16:9’s world headquarters (spare bedroom in my house), so I popped over, miked him up, and turned on the digital recorder.

Note: I worked for Stu, doing business development, between 2005-2007. Despite that experience, he was still willing to have a chat.


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