Projects: UK Burger Chain’s Switch To Digital Menus Sees 50% Sales Boost

May 10, 2016 by Dave Haynes


It’s one location, so keep that top of mind, but word that cutting over menu boards at a UK burger stand from static to digital menu boards jumped sales by 50% is nonetheless interesting.

The small hand-crafted burger chain, Prime Burger, cut over its three locations to digital, working with Eclipse Digital Media and using Samsung’s Smart Signage displays, which have embedded media players. Among the locations switched over was the ExCel London conference and exhibition centre.

“Our store at ExCel has been in the same position in the boulevard since 2009,” says Sam Steele, Director, Prime Burger.Last year we reconfigured it a little.. Out went our flat, white, static printed boards that weren’t eye catching, and in came the new displays, which have proved a great investment. Since we have installed the screens at ExCeL, we’ve seen an increase in like-for-like sales of 50%, and a lot of that is to do with the screens, without a doubt.”

Eclipse develops the templates for the Prime Burger sites using a combination of graphics and menu data, and pricing is updated via an Excel spreadsheet. The templates are data-mapped and addressable, so that when a menu price is changed in the spreadsheet it is dynamically changed at the venue.

The screens are running embed signage software.

I like this for a few reasons. Obviously, that kind of sales impact is great, but it’s something that would have to happen across many more stores to be seen as meaningful and repeatable. Still … it’s a big jump and the client is clearly happy.

I like the screen layouts, and the decision to shoot really good “food porn” photos and also, as the video below suggests, tinker with some food prep video. It’s also a good, effective promo video.

Why am I suddenly hungry?

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