Sixteen:Nine Podcast: Bill Dunn of LG MRI

May 6, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Bill Dunn is the founder and CEO of LG MRI, a suburban Atlanta company focused on producing ultra-reliable, long-lasting outdoor LCD displays. You can see LG MRI product on urban sidewalks, attached to bus shelters and placed around busy outdoor areas like shopping centers and campuses.

Dunn, an engineer to the core, talks in this podcast about his company’s military and aerospace roots, his expansion into new markets like fast food, and the staffing, processes and equipment applied to every job and product. All outdoor displays, he confirms, are not created equal.

I did this interview down in Atlanta, having hitchhiked there in the six-seater company plane Dunn flies around the country.

If you make decisions about outdoor-facing displays, it’s a half-hour well-spent learning about what all is involved.

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