NEXCOM Expands From Digital Signage Players To Free CMS Software

May 5, 2016 by Dave Haynes


The Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer NEXCOM has released its own, free digital signage management software, called PowerDigiS – aimed at the retail SMB market.

The toolset is web-based and would seem – at least on paper – to be more than the barebones scheduling platforms I’ve seen a few times when hardware guys get into the signage software game.

PowerDigiS has drag and drop layout tools, layout templates, content preview and remote monitoring and management tools – something some other free CMS offers out there don’t really offer.

The free edition of PowerDigiS (which suggests there’s maybe a paid, premium version) can be downloaded from a site called I poked around the NEXCOM site, but like many embedded/industrial computing manufacturers, the company website is a labyrinth. I can’t find much more about the software, except on the download page.

NEXCOM makes a bunch of commercial-grade devices, including x86 and ARM-based media players.

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