Projects: Two-Level Video Wall At Dior Flagship in SF’s Union Square

April 21, 2016 by Dave Haynes

Photo Credit: Kristen Pelou / Dior

This is the new Christian Dior flagship store in San Francisco, which has a two-level video wall bisected by a set of stairs. The side wall mirrors amplify the visuals.

The shop at 185 Post Street, in the Union Square district, is a historic building that has had its corner facade encapsulated by a translucent glass curtain.

Dior commissioned several contemporary artists to design works of art for the boutique, including the video art for the display wall. That’s all done by French filmmaker Yoram Mevorach Oyoram.

The shop just opened last week. Would love to see video of the digital art in action. Now on my list for next time I get out that way, if they’ll even let me in (would not be mistaken as somebody who shops in Dior stores).

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