As LED Companies Chase New Indoor Business, NanoLumens Heads Outside

April 13, 2016 by Dave Haynes


While many display companies known for their outdoor LEDs are coming inside with indoor LED products, Atlanta-based NanoLumens is going in the opposite direction, introducing new outdoor LED displays.

The company – best known for changing up the indoor LED market with skinny, lightweight and flexible products – has introduced something called the Outdoor Gallery series. The company’s LED display tiles can be pieced together to create what it says are the AV world’s first truly curved, outdoor LED solutions.

The net results are outdoor installs that can do things like encircle round support pillars and handle tight curves not really possible with the chunkier, squared LED blocks that typify the outdoor LED market.

“More than 80% of the outdoor LED displays that are installed every year in the United States are 10mm pixel pitch or greater, yet NanoLumens primarily sells solutions that feature much smaller and finer pixel pitches,” says Robert Cross, NanoLumens director of R&D, in a press release.  “The new Outdoor Gallery Series reinforces our ability to exceed industry expectations in every display category by offering outdoor solutions featuring pixel pitches ranging from 4mm to 9mm for close proximity viewing. We are proud to bring this first-of-its kind solution to market.”

The outdoor series is already running at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, with six units installed. Miami is beautiful, but rough on technology. The NanoLumens panels are rated to survive the salty, corrosive ocean air, months of high temperatures and hurricane-force wind speeds.

The company says aside from shape, the distinction with this new series is that pixel pitch. It’s necessary to be about 100 feet back before the images from a 10mm LED tighten up and look crisp. The tighter pixel pitches NanoLumens is touting will look better as they go down, particularly the 4mm, which will look crisp at just 40 feet away.

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