Five Reasons Why Your Organization Should Be Using Digital Meeting Room Signs

April 8, 2016 by guest author, Bryan Crotaz


Guest Post: Trey Hicks, Visix

There are many powerful arguments to be made for using digital meeting and conference room signs for shared spaces in any organization – whether it’s an office, healthcare facility, conference center, college campus or K-12 school district.

1 – Integrative

Room signs bring your calendar right to your door, and your door to your calendar. They integrate easily with existing scheduling programs (such as Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendars, EMS by Dean Evans and Associates, 25Live by CollegeNet, Delphi by Newmarket, etc.), and bilateral scheduling means that changes made at the room sign immediately update into your calendar system, and vice versa.

2 – Efficient


You can book, check-in, start, extend and stop a meeting right there at the sign. Also, there’s a permanent record of what happens, so you can track meetings and make adjustments accordingly for more efficient room usage.

For example, Marketing Team A keeps scheduling room 17 for one hour every week. But a quick look at the usage stats shows that only three or four people ever check-in, and they only use it for 30 minutes. You can then suggest a smaller room or different schedule, so the room is used to its fullest potential.

Room signs allow system-wide efficiencies. Availability lights on the sides of the room signs also make it very easy to find an available room as needed – green means the room is open, and red means the room is in use.

A quick glance at the room sign tells you everything that’s scheduled for that location, making finding your meeting fast and easy.

3 – Extensible

Room signs are screens, and so are extensions of your existing digital signage system. People wrapped up in meetings all day don’t have to miss important announcements or alerts, and specific rooms can be targeted with specific messages that are relevant to the people using that room.

There are also portable wireless, battery-operated units that make office hoteling easy – just take the sign off the wall and move it somewhere else.

You can also add wayfinding capabilities, and integrate mobile tools with QR codes and SMS. Anything you can show on a digital sign, you can also show on a room sign.

Also, you can start off with just a few room signs, and then expand as need be.

4 – Economical

Room signs can be a very affordable way to outfit all your rooms. With electronic paper signs costing under $300, and minimal infrastructure needs, you can update your office at very little outlay.

The product also eliminates expensive and wasteful printing costs, as well as the staff time that was spent designing, printing, distributing and removing printed signs.

5 – Environmental

They can also reduce your power usage. Electronic Paper Signs (EPS) use very little power – they only draw power when they change an image, and the batteries have enough charge for around 10,000 updates (that’s three years’ use.)

Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) lets network cables also carry power using a network switch or injector, further reducing your footprint by minimizing your cabling needs.

Room signs make your organization more efficient, greener and cleaner, no matter how big or how small it is. They are a fast and affordable way to maximize your rooms’ usage and make everyone’s lives a little easier.


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