BS Alert: The Crowd Now Reviewing Digital Signage Software, Mostly Using Martian

April 8, 2016 by Dave Haynes


When Google Alerts popped up a press release this morning celebrating “NAVORI QL PROFESSIONAL AWARDED BEST DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOFTWARE ON CROWDREVIEWS.COM,” I was fairly amazed the Navori guys would make hay over an award from a highly dubious crowd-sourced review site.

But they didn’t. The news release was generated by the highly dubious review site. So don’t shame my Swiss friends.

If you ever leave your home, or even if you don’t and just get your life delivered, you use online sites to research and order products and services. And you quite possibly read reviews before you whip out your credit card. Reviews from your peers to tell you about what a hotel is really like, or what the experience is really like on Air Canada Rouge (“ghastly”), are very helpful.

But there’s a problem with consumer reviews. A lot of the reviews are fake, ordered or done by businesses to boost their approval rankings. You can easily find people on sites like Fiverr that will do a positive written or video review for $5.

So I looked at again, a few months after the site announced it would be providing ratings for the digital signage business. First, the bogus review I put on there is still there (see bottom post). Second, subsequent reviewers from Pakistan and other hotbeds of signage usage have drafted off that and posted reviews, borrowing on my completely wrong assertion that Wireless Ronin was a consistently profitable company. The company kinda mostly doesn’t even exist now, never mind it not being profitable.

Here’s another review on Wireless Ronin, from an almost certainly fictitious accounting manager in India. You tell me if this is your idea of a valuable consumer review of a complicated content management platform.

What was the best part about using RoninCast?

Ronincast is one of the medium for providing digital signatures globally. It works simply and gave the opportunity to make the work easy with digital signatures. It is easy and simple to use and builds the manual/snapshot on the website for how’s to work on it. The software avails with one tool only, but one can add more tools and can target the new organisations to work with multiple solutions in one software only. It gives a definite solution to B2B clients also when they need the different mark on different records.

What was the worst part about using RoninCast?

The major drawback of this software is it only has one tool, and that was one of the best tool in the industry also. Large enterprises need many tools to manage the projects, it creates difficulty for them. Otherwise, the software is really fantastic if more tools are added to it, the software really behaves well. Apart from these drawbacks, the software offers valuable services to clients and value for money too.

Overall Feedback

Overall, the software is extremely solid to be used as one of the best tool in industries for digital signatures. It is easy to use and can be simple to install. It provides with the snapshot for usage on the website which is beneficial to users in the beginning. The software is too reliable, that one can do the job very quickly without any difficulty. The pricing of software is also minimal as per other digital software’s. It is good value for the money spent on it and saves a lot of time and do work more. It acts simply and gives the opportunity to make the work easily with trusted signature. The speed and performance of the software are well satisfactory.

This stuff is crap. Don’t use it as a reference point … for anything.

The company makes money by chasing down companies listed on their ranking, and saying they can pay to have their listing “Verified.” Only one company in the signage listings has done that, and by what I can assume is sheer coincidence, it is the runaway leader in terms of positive rankings … even though the PR says Navori takes that crown. The guys in Lausanne will be crushed.

I leave you with the sage thoughts of JNDSI FNFAS of Bangla Desh passing along his thoughts on a product called FrontFace:

What was the best part about using FrontFace for Public Displays?

FrontFace is truly a superb piece of software! i accustomed be longing for Associate in Nursing easy-to-use application that serves my wishes (info / welcome screen in associate extremely public town hall). Most of what I found on the net were subscription-based product where you’ve to pay cash for victimization the code. With FrontFace you get a permanent license that never expires which does not prove any running costs!

Got it.

  1. Have had several of these BS reviews posted for Signagelive and picked up by Google Alerts over the last few weeks, see

    My personal favourite is ‘Signagelive is Adorable’, which of course, we are!

    Well done for calling them out.

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