Cloudy With A 100% Chance Of BS

April 1, 2016 by Dave Haynes

Cross-Eyed Surprise

You’d almost wonder if a case study by Fujifilm Australia posted to an online trade publication was an April Fool’s prank, but it went up March 30. So they must have been serious.

Under the headline Cloudy With A Chance Of Signage, Fujifilm has let the world know it has, exclusively for wireless carrier Vodafone, delivered a retail digital signage solution “completely unique to any other solution worldwide.”

fujivisionThe cloud-based solution, the case study carries on,  which integrates Samsung commercial large format display (LFD) panels with built-in WiFi, commonly known as System on a Chip or SoC, is powered by Signagelive for content distribution. Implemented to reduce Vodafone’s dependency on, and the cost of printed point-of-sale material for promotional activities the solution was also designed to move Vodafone to digital content delivery in store.

The case study goes on to describe a remarkable solution that uses something called the Internet to move content around and schedule content all the way down to individual screens in individual stores. And it all happened because of the “astute market insight” of Fujifilm, says Fujifilm.


Good on Signagelive and Samsung (who are likely groaning at the sight of this thing) for winning and delivering the business, but the only “completely unique” aspect of this project is that no one else would be so tone-deaf to call this completely unique worldwide, when this sort of cloud-based signage work is done all day, every day, all over the globe.

Here’s a somewhat more restrained piece about the project, from a few months ago.


Hat tip to an amused reader who quietly sent me this …

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