Savannah From Savannah Earns DSF Bursary For Women

March 28, 2016 by Dave Haynes

Savannah from Savannah has won the first Geri Wolff Scholarship Award handed out by the Digital Signage Federation – an effort to encourage more young women to get into the industry.

Savannah McNultySavannah McNulty, a third-year graphic design student at the Savannah College Art & Design in Georgia, gets $2,000 from the fund – which was announced in Sept. 2014 and named after Wolff.

Namesake Wolff has been around the industry for many years, primarily handling media communications for the DSF and for the Digital Signage Expo trade show. Geri makes her own donation to the fund, and it is also supported by matching contributions from the DSF, funds from the DSF golf tournaments, and individuals.

“The content of our signs should generate ideas, sensations, knowledge, and ultimately leave the person who sees it with something to take away from the experience,” says McNulty. “I am eager to learn more about the practical applications of graphic design using the medium of digital signage.”

Wolff says the fund’s goal is to raise awareness of digital signage as a career choice, broaden employment diversity, and ensure a talented and qualified labor pool for this fast-growing industry.

The digital signage business, like most tech-centric sectors, is heavily skewed to males, particularly in management roles other than marketing and HR. That said, it’s a lot more diverse than it was when I started writing this thing 10 years ago.

Congratulations to Geri for doing this and to Savannah for earning the recognition and taking a dent out of her college bills.

People interested in donating to the fund can contact DSF Executive Director Brian Gorg at

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