DSE Recap Webinar Set For Friday AM

March 23, 2016 by Dave Haynes

hugheslogoThe guys from Hughes asked me last week, when I was at DSE and getting a rundown on what they do and offer, if I could do a webinar with them  the following week to re-cap the event.

When I found out I didn’t need to present anything – just field a few questions and generally blabber away – I said Okey-dokey. The intent of the session is to just walk through observations on tech and the overall marketplace. Should be good.

The media solutions wing of Hughes has an aggressive plan to end any lingering impression that they’re a satellite distribution company that “Oh, by the way” has a signage solution, as well. The rundown I got at DSE suggested Hughes had a nice range of mostly business-focused solutions.

If you have been in the space forever, like me, you may recall Hughes bought Helius several years ago, and the communications company continues to develop and market the signage product. Mike Tippets, who ran Helius and now runs Hughes’ signage efforts, will also be on the webinar.

The session is Friday at 11 Eastern, and it is free. You just register here.

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