Best Mixer Yet

March 16, 2016 by Dave Haynes


We had about 300 people over for drinks last night at the Hard Rock Cafe, I’m guessing 70% of the 400-plus who were registered for the annual Preset Group Mixer.

It was a great night that I think went off quite well, save a few registrations that went missing. That’s why I bring a label printer with me. Easy fix.

The social schedule is getting a little crowded on the front end of DSE, with the DSF golf tournament that, from what I hear, went on predictably long. So we missed a crowd that didn’t have time to get off the course, get showered, and come over.

There’s also the DSE VIP event that happens just a bit later on the same night, and then a Samsung event. I also had several emails saying they were still building booths or had flight delays. So we had no-shows, and my event day worries about having too many people show up went away as the evening went on.

Thanks one more time to the event sponsors: Chief/Milestone, Freshwater Digital, Diversified, DSE, SEGD, CREO Industrial Arts, Capital Networks, Sharp and Microspace. A good sign that things went well – I had sponsors talking about committing for next year.

Now, on with the reason the signage community is in Las Vegas this week. If you are here, see you on the DSE show floor. If not, I’ll write when I can – but based on my meeting, dining and misbehaviour schedule for two days, we’ll see how that goes.

I had a guy shooting photos, and I’ll post those in the coming days. There was something going on with my phone – it was running super-hot – so no pix from me. This shot is “borrowed” from the twitter stream of Synnex’s Sandi Stambaugh.


  1. Mike Karr says:

    Fantastic mixer Dave, thank you for all that you do. I had a number of fantastic conversations and made connections that might have been impossible on the show floor. Saved me lots of time and had free beer, what’s not to like?

  2. Tim Ault says:

    Thanks Dave. This was my first mixer. Met some great people.

  3. Thank you very much Dave. First time at mixer. Able to connect with familiar faces and new contacts for great conversation. Fantastic event.
    Thank you for the hospitality Dave.

  4. Always an excellent opportunity for making good and fruitful conversations and connections! Thank you, Dave… I truly enjoyed the time there!

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