Projects: UK University Gets Allergy Information To Diners Using Interactive Digital Signage

March 9, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Digital menu boards have long been touted as an effective tool for getting calorie counts across to consumers, but a UK university is using screens in its food service area to get some other important information across – Allergy Information.

The University of Winchester’s catering department was looking at different ways to deliver the EU-required allergy information to its students and staff for  food outlets, and settled on touch screens at eye-level that people could navigate on demand – as opposed to squinting at displays up behind order counters.

Eclipse Digital Media, a UK-based digital signage solutions company  put it together and did the install,  using 32″ ELO Touch Displays  with integrated PC paired with embed signage’s CMS and player and the embed signage Allergy Information Board plugin.

“The digital signage has been successful in terms of being able to provide services beyond our initial goals. The ability to use the digital signage as a marketing tool far exceeds how we had initially hoped to use the equipment and software,” says Rob Ferrin, Head of Media, University of Winchester, Catering Department

The university can also run  messaging and promotions alongside the allergy information. The University now has the opportunity to develop their content by adding or removing pages of interactive content as and when needed, whilst scheduling content to change at important times.

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