Projects: 1,000+ GameStops In Europe Roll Out Using IAdea, Signagelive

March 9, 2016 by Dave Haynes



The European wing of GameStop, the world’s largest video gaming retailer, has rolled out a digital signage solution across more than 1,00o stores in five countries using a solution that couples IAdea’s little HTML5 media players and Signagelive’s cross-platform CMS.

The solution was put together and is managed by Cedemo, a Monaco-based provider of turnkey digital signage solutions. The screen network is in place to increase customer engagement and drive in-store sales through the display of targeted commercial content.

The network uses IAdea’s teeny MBR-1100 players, which are touted as being able to serve up HD video that matches what a user would get out of a high-spec Windows PCs. The network repurposed already-installed LCD TVs, which resulted in significant infrastructure savings and reduced content update lead times.

Promotional video content, such as marketing promotions for pre-order video games or GameStop’s unique offers, is created by Cedemo in multiple European languages.

“GameStop manages 3 brands in Italy and there is an important need for dynamic tools to deliver engaging marketing messaging to clients,” explains Alessandro Barchetti, Senior Marketing Manager of GameStop Italy. “In a few easy steps we can go from setting up playlists to using the system without needing any specialist technical knowledge. Our teams like it and sales have increased.”

  1. John Wang says:

    In this case customer simply upgraded their existing network with better players and software, without touching the screens which would be expensive to replace, to overhaul its entire digital strategy. New IAdea devices can do a lot more than digital signage, including infinite video walls (AnyTiles), anonymous footfall analytics (Anonlytics), as well as screen-mobile interactivity (AniBeacon), as demonstrated at ISE. This is arguably the best way to do a refresh for the stores.

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