FASTSIGNS Partners With Google To Market ChromeOS Digital Signage Solutions

March 8, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Wayne Rasor and Nick Jerome of FASTSIGNS, at Google booth DSE 2015

The print shop franchisor FASTSIGNS International has done a deal with tech giant Google, becoming a Google for Work Partner with a view to marketing ChromeOS-based digital signage solutions via its 900 or so FASTSIGNS centers.

“Thousands of companies worldwide already rely on FASTSIGNS to provide digital signage and visual communications solutions for their businesses,” says Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS. “As a Google for Work Partner, FASTSIGNS is excited to offer Chromebit and Chromebox devices from ASUS – another industry leader – as we help customers of all sizes, across all industries, communicate with their audiences using the power of digital signage.”

As I understand it, the FASTSIGNS deal would remove a big pain point/hurdle that faces small businesses that try to get running on Google’s subscription-based Chrome device management (CDM) system. It’s not easy, to say the least, for a small business to get CDM running on a Chromebit or Chromebox, unless the person is pretty technical and patient.

Under this arrangement, FASTSIGNS deals with all the registration and technical bits, so the franchisors and end users get devices that don’t need to do much more than find a LAN jack or connect via WiFi.

FASTSIGNS uses RiseVision’s free CMS as its base offer, but can and does use other CMS solutions based on the job. The cloud-based management set-up of Google’s platform means once a device is registered, switching CMS platforms is done off a desktop browser and the hardware doesn’t need to get touched.

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