Preset Group DSE 2016 Mixer Sponsor Profile: Diversified

March 5, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Diversified is among the longest running sponsors of the annual Preset Group Mixer at DSE 2016. I’d do a booth field guide for the systems integrator , but the company doesn’t have a booth, as expertise is a hard thing to showcase in a sea of tangible things like displays and PCs and software demos.

So I asked Anthony Cuellar, the company’s Senior VP of Marketing, to answer a set of questions tossed his way.

What was the re-branding and harmonizing under the Diversified name all about? 

The convergence of IT, AV and Broadcast created an opportunity for us to better serve our customers under one brand.  Leveraging the expertise of our entire organization by bringing Diversified Systems, Diversified Media Group and Skyweb Digital Media under one brand gives customers a cohesive suite of services unmatched in our industry. 

I know you guys for deployment and managed services, but can you tell me about the breadth of services Diversified delivers? 

I’ll summarize because it’s quite extensive.  We have built our business around three service pillars of Design, Build and Manage.  You know how those apply to Signage markets but they also apply in many other markets. 

We provide Consulting, Design and Integration services for the Broadcast market building Television and movie studios. Our staff of engineers and project managers are specialists and experts in the products and services required for those complex projects.

We provide those same services for the sports and entertainment market and have built over 65 sports venues for superior fan experience through video control rooms, luxury suites and television head ends.

In the corporate presentation AV market we have literally designed and integrated thousands of boardrooms and conference rooms so business around the world can conduct meetings and get work done.  This market requires a separate set of engineering and project management skills.  

When we say we are Diversified, we really mean it and while the services within the three pillars sound similar each market requires a specialty and understanding.  Our engineers can work separately and together to provide the absolute best solution for our clients for any aspect of their technology need. 

A lot of big-name clients don’t allow their service providers to talk about projects, so what are some of the high profile accounts you can talk about? 

Our837vidwallsammy website is full of many name clients.  In broadcast, we work with NBCUniversal, Disney, Fox, ABC and Al Jazeera to name a few.  In movies, Pixar, Disney, Industrial Light and Magic, Legendary Films.  In corporate, we work with Google, Cisco, Intel, Apple, HP, Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and many, many more.  The new Samsung Experience Center in NYC was our project.

All these client have needs that span our entire portfolio of services.  The old adage of “One throat to choke” is very true across a strategic enterprise and we can provide that service.

How many people are with Diversified these days? 

We have over 800 employees

You have a big team at DSE this year. I assume you’re there to see product and meet with clients and partners. Is that about right?

Yes, we have a number of key clients that we will be meeting with and reviewing technology.  We also have partners that will be sharing roadmaps and new products with our team.

Here is the company’s promo video it will be running on screens at the mixer:


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