Turkish TV Manufacturer Vestel Adds SoC Signage Displays

March 4, 2016 by Dave Haynes


A Euro-centric consumer electronics brand called Vestel, based in Turkey but active through much of Europe, has added a System on Chip, aka smart, digital signage displays to its commercial panel lineup.

Vestel’s ST series (Smart Standard Series) targets start-ups and smaller businesses, and the panels range in size from 32 to 65 inches. The company’s lengthy digital signage product PDF has piles of information, but strangely says almost nothing useful about the SoC device inside – like its power, storage or how it gets used.

There are also SoCs in a 24/7 professional series and a set of four 4K panels.

Interestingly, the pro displays and another commercial series offer OPS (plug-in PC modules) as an option, and the options include one module that’s an ARM-based media player running Android 4.4. The rest are x86-based.

Like most of the panel guys, the company has its own content management software, called Vsign and available in basic, pro and premium flavours.

I’ve don’t know this company – though I vaguely recall a big-ass Vestel booth in one of the halls at ISE. You can read a pretty good rundown on Vestel on its Wikipedia page, including a surprising range of display brands that sell Vestel product as their own.

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