Time Running Out To Get Your Free DSE Booth Field Guides In

March 1, 2016 by Dave Haynes


A reminder that DSE exhibitors have about a week and change to get their information on DSE 2016 Booth Field Guides to me, if they want some free love on this site.

So far, about a dozen companies have sent me stuff, and I know several others are prepping stuff. But frankly, I don’t get why a company investing a pile of money and resources to get a booth together and send several people to Las Vegas wouldn’t jump all over this. It’s actually, sorry, kinda nuts that I have to nudge on this.

You answer six softball questions by email, tell me what booth you’re at, and send me a pic or two. And you’re done. You don’t send me money. Nothing. I put these up because I think it helps attendees (like me) plan their two days on the show floor.

Here are the details …

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