Projects: PATTISON Onestop Adds New Video Wall For 280K Daily Commuters

February 23, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Onestop Union Station

Here’s what a mature Digital OOH ad network looks like: 350 screens covering 97% of the potential area. That’s what PATTISON Onestop is at after more than a decade in Toronto’s subway system – with screens on platforms and in the stations.

The media company has now turned on a nine-unit video wall at Union Station, the city’s downtown multi-modal passenger transport hub. The wall is particularly attractive because some 280,000 people pass through that station every workday. The wall is part of a much larger transformation of the subway station and the adjacent Union Station-proper, which is undergoing many, many years of refit and rehabilitation.

PATTISON Onestop has also added 16 digital platform-level screens at Museum Station and Sheppard Station, which is what gets coverage up to 97% of the system.


  1. Lucie Bourgeois says:

    Interesting circulation number. This is unlikely the circulation for the concourse where this screen is located but for the entire Union subway station. Considering Royal Bank Plaza sees about 160k a day..your circ. number is misleading.

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