DSE Attendance Tracking Ahead Of 2015

February 23, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Digital Signage Expo starts three weeks from today or tomorrow, depending on how you look at the event. I caught up with Andrea Varrone, who has been with the event company and show for years but is in charge of the whole thing for the first time this year.

Attendance is tracking ahead of last year, she says, and tweaking/rethinking some of the direct and online marketing effort has upped the numbers of registered end-users. Overall attendance numbers are nice, but what the companies who invest the big dollars on exhibit space want to see wandering on to their patches of carpet are name badges from big retail, hospitality and corporate.

Varrone says about 30% of the exhibitors are new to the show, something they seem to experience year to year as new tech companies come into the space, while others look at alternatives to DSE.

One company that went big last year, and then dipped down to near-nothing, was Google. The tech giant has just been planning meeting space at the back, but now has a 20 by 30 foot booth with a presentation theatre for partners, and is one of three presenting sponsors (along with Peerless and Samsung) of the event.

A lot of the other companies are the usual suspects, but as always there are some little guys who intrigue me. There’s one from South Korea that markets roll-on paint that doubles as front or rear projection film.

Looking forward, as always, to shirt-sleeve weather and seeing piles of industry friends, as well as innovations the companies who weren’t at ISE will be putting on show.


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