DSE 2016 Booth Field Guide: Freshwater Digital

February 18, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Freshwater Digital, Booth C12

Here’s why Preset Group Mixer Sponsor Freshwater Digital says people need to swing by the content area, Booth C12, as relayed by EVP Business Development Jon Dodge.

Why do people going to DSE need to put your company on their Must See list of booths?

Freshwater has a distinct advantage, as we are one of very few companies that can provide network consulting, custom content solutions, production capabilities, content management, and technology sourcing. Our clients find that our strategic thinking around full network management makes our approach to content effective in meeting their needs.

What’s your big marketing message to attendees, and what’s it all about?

For us, DSE is about driving continued awareness around our services and sharing the success stories. This is a great forum for idea sharing, and inspiring potential clients. When potential clients become familiar with our offering, and have a chance to understand our process, we create great connections that result in growth for both Freshwater and our clients. 

What’s the ideal profile of attendees walking into your booth?

Everyone is welcome and will likely find value. However, businesses that have or will be making a big investment in a digital signage infrastructure should stop by to discuss their network and content strategy. We offer many content solutions including: automated feeds, syndicated content, ready-made content, and full custom production. 

How many years have you been doing DSE and how has it changed (if you think it has changed) over the years?

2016 will be our 5th consecutive year. The showcased technology continues to evolve, which is a big reason many continue to attend.  Keeping up with a changing industry requires a significant dedication to publications, conferences, and continued networking. The biggest change we’ve witnessed, is how technology is becoming linked.  The evolution of technologies like mobile, beacons, data feeds (just to name a few) are resulting in algorithmic content strategies.  This is an exciting change that is changing the way our clients look at their networks. 

When you get a chance to get away from your booth, what will you be looking for and researching?

New technology plays an important role with our clients, and it is important that we vet existing technology and experiment with the bleeding edge. We will be looking for technologies to showcase in our office lab, and partners to introduce to our existing client base. The IoTs is impacting the retail space significantly, and we will be looking at practical ways to enhance a customer’s interaction with a store through technology and digital signage. 

What’s your favorite part of the week?

Experiencing all of the newest technology first hand is exciting. However, we are most excited for the annual Preset Group Mixer.  This will be our second year a co-sponsor, and we enjoy networking over a few cocktails. 


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