BroadSign Integrates Platform With Outdoor-Centric Key Systems

February 18, 2016 by Dave Haynes


It’s slightly weird that with all the software companies out there chasing digital signage and digital out of home business – 100s of them globally – the two that dominate the ad network industry are a few blocks away from each other in Montreal.

Ayuda Media Systems is in historic old Montreal, along the riverfront, and BroadSign is up the hill in the central business district.

The competition between the two got a little tighter today, at least officially, as BroadSign announced a partnership that adds to its offer the planning capabilities for conventional outdoor media, like billboards and posters. That’s where Ayuda started and the company has a deep, rich suite of tools enhanced by digital capabilities it has layered in over the last 6-7 years.

BroadSign started in digital advertising and has been heavily focused on ad targeting for a decade, and has not had an option for the media companies that were doing both old-school print and screens.

That’s changed now that BroadSign has integrated its platform with UK-based Key Systems Out of Home Software Ltd,  That company offers what it says is a comprehensive tool to manage traditional and digital out of home (OOH) advertising assets across the whole life cycle of OOH media.

United, says a press release, “the two systems allow network operators to easily manage their digital screens and static signs. BroadSign’s cloud-based software for digital out-of-home is the leading solution of its kind for large-scale network operators. In a similar fashion, Key Systems’ ERP products, Fusion Outdoor Media Manager and Quattro Media Owner, serve some of the world’s biggest OOH media owners, including Primesight, Clear Channel Outdoor in the United States, Continental Outdoor and APN Outdoor.”

“Since meeting BroadSign at a FEPE Congress several years ago, we recognized a partnership would bring value to current and future customers,” says Mike Dillon, Managing Director at Key Systems. “A simple and seamless solution can now be experienced by network operators as they maintain traditional and digital inventory.”

The two companies are already working together through a recently announced deal involving the UK media operator Primesight. I would suspect, given the way OOH is shifting to digital, that this integration is particularly meaningful to Key Systems, which is much more rooted in traditional outdoor.

“The Key Systems and BroadSign client services teams are well-experienced in the media owner and (D)OOH operations environments, presenting a compelling offering when compared to new or aging proprietary systems,” says Burr Smith, CEO at BroadSign.


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