Preset Mixer Update: Name Badges Printed And In

February 17, 2016 by Dave Haynes


The name badges for the sold-out Preset Mixer have arrived, and next we’ll just slap on all the names and companies labels my little Dymo printer has spat out.

In past years, we’ve handed out drink tickets, which has turned into a bit of a problem controlling how many tickets were out there and arbitrating whether people got their drink tickets. So this year, we have built the drink tickets into the badges, with perforations so they just tear off to hand over to the bartender.

When registrants show up, a badge will be ready with their names on there and the tickets ready. We’ll give attendees a lanyard and they’ll be ready for the biggest networking event in digital signage.

We also used the back of the badges to recognize sponsors. We’d previously squished logos into the front, but this, I think, is way better.

I didn’t want to cram stuff in so I went for a bigger size (the badges are direct mail postcard stock), but with them in hand and looking at the real world size, I’ll likely go down a size for 2017.

Less than four weeks now.

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