Signage-Focused Crown Content Creative Shop Launches

February 16, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Michael Tutton is well known in Toronto-area digital signage circles as the guy who, for many, many years, ran the digital display networks for Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s many gambling and hospitality properties.

He left OLG late last year, recharged a little in the tropics, and has now launched his own signage-focused creative shop, called Crown Content.

Tutton has more than 25 years of experience in TV and video production, and knows his way around properly formatted, effective on-premise content – not in casino environments, but also hospitality and retail.

He’s managing director of Toronto-based Crown, and has a pair of partners who are co-creative directors: Andrew Strang and Neil Rafuse.

As noted endlessly, while there is an oversupply of technology options in signage, the list of creative teams focused solely on the signage market is very short, and the really good guys work at the high-dollar end because they can.

That would seem, at least, to suggest there’s demand out there for work from people who actually know the medium and aren’t charging traditional agency rates that are grudgingly accepted in other mediums but largely rejected in signage.

It’s great to see more options out there, and I wish Michael and his partners great success.

  1. Paula b. says:

    As a custom digital signage designer, I love to see more people embracing creative content and not just using drag and drop templates. Kudos!

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