DSE Booth Field Guides Are Back

February 15, 2016 by Dave Haynes


In the weeks leading up last year to Digital Signage Expo, Sixteen:Nine published a series of booth field guides, submitted by vendors who took the opportunity to talk about what visitors would see at their trade show stands.

LOTS of vendors contributed, so I’m doing it again.

Here are the key things to know:

This is aimed at vendors who are showing on the trade show floor, not for those skipping a booth and just walking. I’m interested in separate posts about why people are going to DSE and what they are looking out for, but not in this format.

Just answer the questions below, and provide some pix of your booth or big featured product, and send it to me via dave AT sixteen-nine.net

Why do people going to DSE need to put your company on their Must See list of booths?

What’s your big marketing message to attendees, and what’s it all about?

What’s the ideal profile of attendees walking into your booth?

How many years have you been doing DSE and how has it changed (if you think it has changed?) over the years?

When you get a chance to get away from your booth, what will you be looking for and researching?

What’s your favourite part of the week?

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