Sixteen:Nine Turns 10

February 5, 2016 by Dave Haynes

ten colorful Birthday Candles on white background closeup

I started this blog 10 years ago today.

Thank you readers and subscribers. The numbers have really climbed in the past two years as the industry has started to mature and settle in.

Thank you to the guest writers who help keep 16:9 fresh with new ideas and perspectives. More guest posts are always welcomed.

Thank you to my operatives, who tell me about stuff, or quietly and patiently help explain stuff – like patents or hardcore tech – that can sometimes be way the hell over my head. These kind souls make me seem smarter than I really am, and help turn the complicated into simplified.

And thank you to the sponsor/advertisers – some who have just flat said they wanted to support my efforts as much as they wanted to advertise. I’d do this thing anyways, but it’s great to get compensated a bit for the effort put in and offset costs of everything from quality hosting to licensed photos and graphics.

My working life started as a journalist, some 35 years ago. Sixteen:Nine has brought me partially back to writing for a living, though that’s counter-balanced by a lot of consulting and other stuff I get up to that pay the bills.

For my friends and soon-to-be friends in Europe, see you next week at ISE in Amsterdam.

  1. Well done on the 10th birthday of 16|9, looking forward to many more years of thoughtful (and sometimes snarky) commentary on all things digital signage.

    Safe travels and look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam next week.

  2. ion says:

    Congrats Dave!

  3. ATL says:

    Alf Mabrook from Middle-East !

  4. Kris Konrath says:

    Happy 16:9 Birthday Dave! We appreciate your insight, thought leadership and snark. Here’s to another 10!

  5. John Baggott says:

    Congratulations Dave those 10 years have gone quick, just keep doing what you do it is always fresh and the snark is what make everything real, cheers to another 10, see you in Lost Wages.

  6. Jeremy Gavin says:

    Well done Dave. Keep up the great work. I have been a reader for about 9, maybe 10 of those years and hope you keep it up for another 10! It will be quite interesting to see what changes during that time.

  7. Paul Flanigan says:

    Congratulations Dave. You continue to be one of my mentors in this crazy space.

  8. Robin says:

    Happy Birthday! And congratulations on a decade of providing fantastic insight into an exciting field. And finally, enjoy Amsterdam! I just returned from a first-time visit, and it is a pretty impressive city!

  9. Alex Kim says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for your dedication and insight into the space!

    – Blue Bite

  10. Hao Le says:

    Congratulations Dave! Looking forward to reading 10 more years of your blogs. Hao

  11. A. jay says:

    Happy Birthday, 16*9 and congratulations on the success, Dave. Your blog keeps it real and is indeed a fodder of our daily conversations. Best wishes for the next 10

  12. Chris Stone says:

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work and calling out the BS – it is needed more than ever.

  13. Well done, Dave! I appreciate the opportunity to stay informed by reading 16:9! Spence

  14. Sara Abrons says:

    Happy birthday Sixteen:Nine! And Dave!

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