Projects: Printer Duggal Drives Digital-Centric Audible Holiday Party

January 28, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Most print companies, big and small, have struggled to transition from traditional to digital, but New York-based Duggal is a good example of one that is doing a lot more than just converting lightboxes to LCD digital posters.

Consider the project Duggal just did with Audible, the audio book company owned by Amazon.

The holiday party last month for some 800 employees was run at the company’s Newark (yeah, Newark) head offices – in what looks like a very large, temporary pavilion tent. Duggal’s Innovations Lab was engaged to do the visuals for the event.

Says Duggal in its monthly newsletter:

Headed by Creative Director Glenn Rabbach and coordinated by Blaze Gregorio, (Duggal) designed everything from transparent media curtains and custom-printed carpeting to pixel cubes, a selfie station, and digital display content.

The entire setup was produced by Duggal with lightning turnaround, and installed by our experts on-site within a 24-hour timeframe. Then came party time!




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