Planar Debuts Slick Tablet App To Visualize Video Walls During On-Site Planning

January 27, 2016 by Dave Haynes

PlanarView Video Wall Design

Portland-based Planar Systems has released a cool little mobile device application that makes it easy for systems integrators, architects and project teams to work out and visualize how a video wall might look in a specific environment and space.

The PlanarView Visualization App allows users to take a photo of an area in, let’s say a building lobby, and then use a tablet-based app to build a photo-realistic, tweakable view of that space with an overlay of screens/displays.


Using PlanarView, says a news release, AV integrators, architects and interior designers can streamline the design and planning process by offering a never-before-possible realistic design for commercial display solutions to their customers—all quickly and easily at the touch of a smartphone or tablet. The tool is also ideal for corporations, retailers, hospitality firms and other end users who want to visualize the exact configuration of their selected Planar displays in their real-world environment before making a purchase.

“This revolutionary tool will reduce sales cycles and spur the market for digital displays and video walls by making it possible for customers to precisely picture what different configurations will look like in their actual environments,” says Jennifer Davis, vice president of marketing and product strategy at Planar.

The app allows users to instantly compare different Planar displays and configurations, to determine the ideal design for their unique space—bringing the design to life with actual video content.

The app is a version of an app developed and marketed by another Portland company, SpaceView, Inc. “A large barrier to effective sales can be the inability to envision a specific product. As an innovative leader in the display industry, Planar is using the latest technology to break down that barrier, helping prospective buyers to visualize its products,” says Miloš Jovanovi?, CEO and founder of SpaceView.

Adds the release:

PlanarView enables users to create high-quality, intuitive visualizations in three simple steps:

Right now it works on iPads and iPhones that are at iOS 8.3 or higher. Android and Windows versions are planned.

The app is described as augmented reality, which is a bit of a reach. AR tends to be defined as an overlay of a live image, not a caotured, still image. Nonetheless, it’s pretty obvious how this could be valuable to various people as they plan out big digital in a space.

What’s done here could be done using Photoshop or other planning tools, but they take time, tools and skills. The special sauce here is that planning and visualization could pretty much be done on the spot, by anyone reasonably comfy using an iPad.


  1. Jassim says:

    This looks really well made. Samsung had something similar a while back but not with the angled positioning and all. it was more straightforward positioning on a wall.

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