DMG And Sister Companies Rebrand, Simply, As Diversified

January 25, 2016 by Dave Haynes

DIVERSIFIED-WEB-LOGO-POS-CIRCLEDiversified Systems, based in Kenilworth, New Jersey, has announced a simple, logical rebranding as Diversified – bringing three related companies under the single, tightened-up brand.

Diversified is made up of Diversified Systems, Diversified Media Group (DMG), and Skyweb Digital Media. The combined companies will, says a news release, continue to service clients across the globe in multiple vertical markets, from some of the largest sports venues, cutting edge Fortune 500 companies and managing retail and advertising networks internationally.

From the digital signage lens, Diversified is most known through DMG – which has a long history of executing and managing some of the biggest and best deployments out there – like Bank of America and the billboard that ate Times Square.

The company does great work (Preset has been involved in several projects that DMG was brought into), but by its own admission hasn’t exactly been a killer in terms of marketing and communications. So they are now emerging from Best Kept Secret mode.

Says today’s release:

Diversified is all about imagination engineered. Their management of complex systems and highly technical projects are visible to millions of people each day. “Business and innovation are changing and this convergence of IT, AV and Broadcast strengthens Diversified’s portfolio of services to better address our client’s needs” said Fred D’Alessandro, CEO. Bringing together these three companies under one brand makes Diversified a more cohesive unit better suited to serving its customers from every angle.

Diversified has over two decades of experience in providing technical solutions, managed services and moving audio, video and data over networks and is now home to over 350 employees. Diversified is the most trusted name in multiple markets. They have an unsurpassed reputation among their colleagues, clients and strong relationships with countless vendors.

The company will continue to be headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey with 11 offices nationally including New Jersey, Virginia, Illinois and California. Their national coverage makes them available to locales across the country, and their international presence is growing through strategic partnerships, all centrally managed through their operations in United States.

“We are so excited to debut our new brand and share the new Diversified with our customers and the marketplace, the new name, colors and Brand Mark will represent us well into the 21st Century” said Fred D’Alessandro, CEO.  “As a customer focused engineering minded services company we are thrilled to better serve our customers and offer a comprehensive range of AV, IT and media solutions.”

Their Systems group specializes in designing and deploying innovative technology to drive business for each of its customers. Whether it’s a boardroom, broadcast booth, or a billion dollar stadium, Diversified can solve and integrate complex systems challenges.

Their Media side of the house is a world leader in “digital out of home” managed network solutions. They serve as the backbone of their customers’ network and content delivery systems. The Media Group is expanding their reach into client remote services, with command and control for AV systems.  Each customer has complex needs to fit their business model and they pride themselves on delivering solutions that meet those needs and monetize media assets. An innovative design team handles motion graphics, UX/UI development of custom mobile and tablet apps that handle wayfinding, transactions and social media Integration.

Their Skyweb services are focused on providing commercial businesses with the latest in satellite and IPTV related hardware and programming alternatives across the US.  Skyweb designs, engineers and provisions satellite antenna systems, RF signal distribution and their associated facilities.

Diversified has integrated new colors and taglines into their branding to represent the company and their mission. The website will describe the systems and solutions Diversified can integrate as well as case studies for work completed for various businesses and teams. 

There are new Twitter and Instagram feeds, and Facebook and LinkedIn, and new emails – though I am sure the old ones will work without issue.

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