Here’s A Look At LG’s Two-Sided OLED Panel

January 6, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Via Engadget …

Here is that two-sided OLED panel that LG said it would be showing at CES this week, courtesy of an Engadget writer and his smartphone video camera. It was posted via the gadget blog’s Instagram account.

It’s pretty wild to see something that skinny pushing out deep, rich video back to back. But the practical use-case for this is not readily apparent (to me, at least), and there is a long list of “buts” associated with this sort of thing, starting with “… but it would cost a fortune.”

Companies like BenQ and Viewsonic already have back to back LCDs in enclosures that are maybe 2cm thick – bulbous compared to this, but arguably about as skinny as they’d really ever need to be.

Click the image to watch the brief video …

Two pretty OLED screens, one TV. Gawping at LG’s experimental prototype displays at #ces2016 #engadgetces

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