2016 Preset Mixer Plans Firming Up

January 5, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Digital Signage Expo is now nine or 10 weeks out, and work has quietly been going on in planning the annual Preset Group Mixer – the unofficial kickoff party to DSE week in Las Vegas.

I got my first “Hey Dave, can you get us in …” e-mail today, so I figured I’d knock out an update on where we are at for the 2016 version.

It will be on the Tuesday night, which this year means March 15th. It would have been a combination of awesome and terrifying if it was the 17th, and coincided with St. Patrick’s Day. No doubt, something is being planned in Vegas by a supplier for that night. Yikes.

The venue is booked and paperwork in front of us to be signed. Like last year, we’ll be at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip, in the same 3rd floor space, with that outdoor patio, as before. Yay!


We’re planning for 400. Yeah, 400.

All but one of the sponsor slots are already allocated – either by returnees or by folks who pulled me aside at last year’s event and said they’re in if someone else is out. One interesting wrinkle this year is that the mixer for the SEGD designx conference that day will also be the Preset Group Mixer. MY SEGD friends were going to do their own small post-conference event, and I suggested they make their planning lives easier and just send all those architects and experience designers over to the people-packed Preset event.

The trade show itself is also a sponsor of the mixer once again. As are returning sponsors Capital Networks, DMG, Chief and Freshwater Digital.

I have commitments pending on the last sponsor slot, but if you are interested, send me a note. If it falls through, maybe you’re in. UPDATE – took about 45 minutes to get three sponsors in waiting. So we’re good, thanks!!!

Ticketing will go up in a few weeks. I’m toying with a entry fee that I think would reduce the number of no-shows, with any of that money going to a designated charity. But we’ll see. I’m not looking to add more complication.

Mixer details will come via this blog, so keep reading.

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