Projects: East-Central China Mall Gets Massive Flying LED Ribbon

December 20, 2015 by Dave Haynes


A new retail project in Zhengzhou, in the east-central part of China, ups the game on the idea of filling the ceiling of a large area with an LED display.

Called the Flying Ribbon, and located in the city’s HuiYi Times Square commercial complex, the project is 1,100 square metres of LED curtain that floats over a large area.

ledtileWhat’s interesting, and massively challenging, is that the ceiling is a bit like the fairway of a links golf course – all curves and undulations. Just suspending LED modules like ceiling tiles in an office wasn’t going to do it.
The solutions team worked with LED manufacturer Gtek, which has something called Bri-curtain Air,  a fixed position outdoor product light enough to hang and set up as slats, so light and the elements can pass through. The images suggest high resolution, but the display canvas is sufficiently high that the designers used a curtain made of units that have a 16 mm LED pitch – the same as typical highway LED billboards.

PR on the project suggests the designers are going for establishing a dream-like state on the display, which includes two satellite discs. The set-up is at the main entry to the centre.




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