Projects: LA DIY Florist Uses Digital Signage To Amplify Customer Experiences

December 17, 2015 by Dave Haynes


People who go into one of the two Los Angeles locations of Fleurish can design and build their own flower arrangements in what is billed as the first ever design-it-yourself flower studio. The stores get everything from individuals, to classes, and all the way to bachelorette parties (pre-cocktails, I assume).

The stores use digital signage in a couple of interesting ways to amplify the experience and drive marketing efforts.

Fleurish uses LA-based Enplug’s DisplayOS platform to power a social media wall feature in stores that reflects all the customers who post and share photos of their floral efforts on Instagram and other pix-driven platforms.

“In targeting the Millennial demographic, lifestyle behavior is key. Millennials thrive on social validation. It’s the ultimate payment. The stamp of approval with a “like,” comment,” or “repost” on social media platforms,” explains Allyson Arons, Co-Founder of Fleurish. “Enplug’s instant live feed promotes Fleurish’s evangelists and loyal fan influencers. It’s proven to amplify Fleurish’s marketing by word of mouth and has been instrumental in our efforts in building an emotional connection to our brand.” 


The stores are also using a photo booth app from Enplug that lets customers snap group photos with their creations, and then share via social media.

One thing that I wouldn’t have thought about – the store reasons the social media displays are effectively in visually informing staff at one location of what the other one is up to.  “With Enplug,” says Arons, “both of Fleurish’s retail locations can see visually what the other is doing each day. Daily customer and staff interaction is important in promoting supportive and positive morale and teamwork.”



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