Five Digital Signage Options For Tabletop Interactive Displays

December 8, 2015 by guest author, Curtis Tilly

Touchscreen tables are powerful tools for collaboration, interactivity and engagement.

Customers in a retail store can use them to learn more about a product or service.

An enterprise can use one to allow multiple users to collaborate on the same projects in one physical space – anything from architectural drawings to seismic imaging.

Higher educational institutions can use them to boost collaboration and team learning.

While built-in touchscreens displays and touch overlays are common, only a handful of companies are focused on delivering interactive   table-top solutions for challenging environments, that can handle the heavy use, the environmental conditions, and the need to allow multiple people to interact at once.

Here’s a look at five varied options:




ideum-logo-210x79Based in Corrales, New Mexico, Ideum offers an interesting blend of interactive products and services. The company calls itself a creative shop, but it also makes a wide range of touch tables. It has a giant 84-inch unit, and a much more diminutive coffee table-style, and a range if units in between. Ideum also markets a dual display that provides a panorama effect at an ultra wide 100-inches diagonal.

Ideum’s units tend to have PCs embedded and the touch overlays support 40 or more touchpoints.

The company has worked on custom software and hardware projects with some of the world’s top museums, including: Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, The Field Museum, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago), Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, SFMOMA, and more. Clients include Fortune 500 companies and iconic brands such as Apple, Adobe, Coca-Cola, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and Union Pacific.

Ideum also does a lot of custom work, on hardware and on creative and software applications.




utouchWEB_LOGOJULY2013Based west on London in the UK (with US offices, as well), U-Touch makes a series of different interactive displays, including very attractive interactive touchscreen tables that U-Touch says are designed from the ground up to be as versatile as they are reliable – useful tools for everything from business meetings to trade shows.

The company has three different varieties of touch tables, the craziest of them the 4K collaboration table that can stitch together multiple displays and deliver a 200-inch diagonal interactive canvas.

Clients include BBC, Ford, Adidas and many other major brands.

The company has a 16,000 square foot manufacturing facility and R&D lab in Poland.






spin1SpinTouch describes itself as interactive experience technologists, based out of Orange County, CA. The company has a pair of interactive tabletop solutions, notably the slick, glossy SpinTouch Mozayo. The touch layer supports up to 40 different touch points, and is designed to be a complete turnkey experience – easily integrated, the company says, with a PC or other source of multi-touch software with simple plug and play configuration.

Ideal use situations for the Mozayo include trade shows for the purposes of sales enablement, showrooms and galleries, retail spaces to increase interactivity, universities to help supplement existing learning materials and more.

The company also has a cool projection, motion tracking system that creates an interactive bar top.

The company’s clients range from multinational brands to startups. SpinTouch works with marketing agencies, A/V integrators, and IT companies to deliver interactive experiences for retail, museums, universities, trade shows, events, and many other use-cases.




OPTIKA_logoOptika is a subsidiary of the digital signage content management software firm STRATACACHE, focused on producing pro-grade, large-format collaboration displays. New  to the market in 29015, Optika’s first product is the Collaborate 65UHD, a 65-inch unit that can wall-mount or sit in a drafting table format.

The unit combines high-quality active stylus digital writing capability and precise edge-to-edge, multi-touch technology. The display is described as being highly compatible with familiar applications, from Microsoft Office and Lync to the Adobe Business Suite.

Meant to compete with displays such as Microsoft’s Surface Hub, the   display is being marketed to corporate enterprise accounts, health care, education and creative industries, like architecture, that design, construct, and produce work on displays.




t1vlogoBased in Charlotte, NC, T1V says its creates interactive experiences for retail, events and exhibits, corporate, hospitality, and education markets, doing all the work from idea to delivery. That includes custom-designed interactive tables.

The company has designed specific models based around the environment that they will eventually be used in. Models are available for retail environments, for use in bar or countertops, for use in lounges and more. Customers can also work directly with T1V to build a custom model designed to take full advantage of the space and user base that they’ll be working with.

That means they can deliver gorgeous standalone tables, or build them into desks, merchandising units or even conference room tables.

T1V’s interactive tables also come with a wide range of first-party software solutions, like ThinkHub. ThinkHub was designed as a “bring your own device” solution for all interactive table models allowing users to both interact directly with the table’s touchscreen interface and supplement these activities with tablets, smartphones, Web browsers and more on secondary devices. Live Data is also available to stream content feeds from a wide range of sources, from internal company updates to external news sources to stock information and more.



We know there are more options out there. Let us know.


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