Eight Content Subscription Options To Feed The Digital Signage Beast

December 1, 2015 by guest author, Curtis Tilly

Digital signage networks are content-hungry beasts, and one of the ways to keep fresh and happy is through subscription content services.

Those content feeds can vary quite a bit from company to company, but the business models tend to be similar. In most cases, network operators pay a set fee for the automated delivery of fully finished content pieces, based on subject categories, or data feeds that can be used to run as text or be mashed up and turned into content presentations by whatever management software the network operator uses.

Here’s a list of the variety of companies we know are providing quality, reliable content feeds for digital signage and digital out of home ad networks:


Minneapolis, MN

Screenfeed describes itself as a digital signage media provider that offers a collection of ready-made, beautifully-crafted content options that continuously update in order to engage viewers and keep screens fresh. Subscribers schedule Screenfeed content along with other messages in a playlist, which they manage with their choice of any digital signage software. Screenfeed content updates in the background, providing fresh, new content on an ongoing basis without any additional actions.

How You Buy It: Each content feed can be licensed to a media player for a small monthly fee per player. The monthly price per media player is significantly discounted based on volume. You can subscribe directly or through a reseller.



Data Call Technologies

Friendswood, TX

datacall-bannerData Call Technologies specializes in the production, aggregation and delivery of news and information content. Data Call licenses information only from top news, weather, sports and financial data resources and provides reliable, harmonized data feeds.

How You Buy It: Content modules are licensed per digital media play-out device. Modules are licensed separately, though no long term contracts are required. The company also works with Value Added Resellers.




Lexington, KY

Digichief provides a full line of automated content feeds. Content can be localized and delivered in a number of formats, including XML, RSS or integrated into a finished solution such as HTML5, FLASH, or MRSS. The foundation of the company was to deliver hyper-local content worldwide. Currently available content includes news headlines, traffic, weather forecasts, conditions and alerts, sports scores, day in history, famous birthdays, quote of the day, financials, flight stats, and lottery results.

How You Buy It: Content for multiple languages can be licensed directly from Digichief, and no long term contract is required.


Woven Content Message Fall2015


San Francisco, CA

Wovenmedia provides a suite of web-based content management tools and rights-cleared video from over 120 premium content providers, enabling operators to develop compelling programming that includes branded content. The company also offers creative services.

How You Buy It: The company sells direct, and pricing is based around a monthly fee tied to the number of screens in one’s network, and includes unlimited downloads of the entire content library.




Rennes, France

Bluefox is a content provider for digital-out-of-home screens worldwide. They provide rights-cleared premium content for broadcast in Digital Signage and Digital Place-Based Media. BlueFox provides news feeds from the world’s leading News Agencies, Weather, Traffic Information and many entertaining feeds as well as high quality video footage from all over the world. They offer content for all vertical markets and communication situations.

How You Buy It: Content is purchased based upon language, provider, and screen size. Optionally, you can geo-localize the content. From there, users purchase and then manage feed formats. Licenses come in four screen/player increments, and are done on a month-to-month basis.






Antwerp, Belgium

seenspire-logo1Seenspire develops and delivers real-time content mixed with crisp 3D animations that build and change information on screens. The designs are kept clean and focused to attract and hold attention, says the company. Feeds are available in a variety of categories, including news, entertainment, sports and weather. Though European, the company has North American-focused feeds.

How You Buy It: Users upload and schedule the HTML5 URL, Flash SWF file or Media RSS link, and Seenspire takes over automated delivery. Subscription is month to month, and go on and off auto-renewals as needed.





Espoo, Finland

valotalibvelogoValota provides a variety of services that vary from traditional subscription news and information feeds to live social media visualizations. The company is also one of the first digital signage content providers to develop and deliver visualized data solutions. The company also recently introduced a 2nd generation feed service that adds motion to graphics, using HTML5. Feeds are global.

How You Buy It: The company works direct and through select reseller partners. The new News 2.0 engine uses HTML5 and can run on any media player with Chrome or IE11 browser.



State College, PA

Accu-Logotype-BlueKnown as one of the original syndicated weather content providers, to countless news outlets, AccuWeather also offers four different types of ready to use graphical content modules for digital signage networks, including weather, news, health ands video clips.

How You Buy It: Feeds are through subscription and delivery can be is Flash SWF files or Media RSS.



Have we missed one? Let us know by email or reply. Content feeds within a CMS don’t count. We’re listing subcription feed services here.

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