Projects: 14 Digital Experiences In Giant Nebraska Furniture Mart

November 20, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Here’s a look inside at the digital signage installed in the giant Nebraska Furniture Mart store that opened in the Dallas-Fort Worth area earlier this year.

Premier Mounts and Reflect have pushed out a press release about the installation that sees “14 unique digital experiences for nearly 60 displays throughout the store.”

Sounds like a lot, right? But that’s over 562,000 square fee, or roughly three giant Walmarts stuck together. But the Sport Chek store in Mississauga Square One in Toronto that I wrote about yesterday stuck in 226 screens in 75,000 square feet.

The NFM digital experience, says the release, begins the moment customers walk through the entrance to the store and expands through every department. Some of the digital signage solutions include:

“When faced with a project of this magnitude, it’s critical to engage with Partners who can provide creative solutions that speed up the install process, and maximize ROI for the end-user,” says Charles Thornhill, Senior Systems Engineer, Reflect. “Premier Mounts was able to provide a fast turnaround time on both stock and custom solutions, and really engaged with us to make sure that we had all of the tools we needed for a successful integration.”

With a store that freaking big I’d think there’d be 60 displays just helping people figure out where the heck they are. But, just about anyone who sells signage into retail knows it can be a slog. NFM has built in some basics. Maybe they grow it out from there.

A fully detailed version of the Nebraska Furniture Mart Case Study is available here.

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