Projects: GM Canada Rolling Out Screens Across Auto Dealership Network

November 15, 2015 by Dave Haynes


A well-planned and executed video can get a pile of marketing mileage for a company, or team of partner companies, and I suspect this piece about a digital signage deployment now rolling out in Canadian GM auto dealerships will do that nicely.

I have direct experience going dealer to dealer selling the digital signage dream for a premium automaker, and this sort of thing would have been a huge help explaining the rationale and process, and showing what it would look like. It’s one thing to tell people, and quite another to show them.l

A Toronto-area integrator UBI Communications is in the process of rolling out a customer-focused network in GM dealers, with 30 done to date and a potential for 300 or so. The content is all done by St. Joseph Communications, and the platform managing, delivering and monitoring content is UK-based Signagelive. It’s the CMS company that produced this video, and has, wisely, done several others for clients.

The screens – and this will drive the crowd that says no one actually uses System on Chip displays a little nuts – are Samsung’s SoC Smart Signage panels.

The dealers, I comfortably assume, have to bankroll screens in their showrooms and service areas. Getting those dealers to watch this before that first meeting will likely help a lot in moving the process along.

Broken Record Point: This is a visual medium, built around video. Use it to sell your pots and pans.

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