Confirmed: CorpComm And EduComm Events Move To Chicago For Nov. 2016

November 11, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Exponation has confirmed that its fledgling CorpComm Expo and EduComm Expo trade show/conferences will be in Chicago about this time a year from now, moving from Atlanta, where the first ones were staged a couple of months ago.

They will be at the Navy Pier Nov. 15-16, 2016, which means if you are going, you are walking out and into the teeth of late fall Lake Michigan wind and cold, which tends to be, immm, unpleasant. Like cold that cuts through you. So bring warm stuff, or make sure you have Uber loaded on your phone.

Chris Gibbs, President and COO of Exponation, which has for years produced the mother ship event Digital Signage Expo, says the move makes the shows more centrally located and provides easier air and drive access for attendees. “It will also ensure that there is room to grow both events, which we know have the potential to become significantly larger.”

People I know who attended or had booths at the first co-located events universally said there weren’t exactly throngs of people crowding the floor, but the people who were there tended to be big, qualified and looking to buy software and hardware. So vendors came away happy.

“CorpComm Expo and EduComm Expo presented us an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the crucial application of our display and projector solutions to the corporate communications and education sectors,” says Rich Ventura, Vice President of Business Development Solutions at NEC Display Solutions. “The importance of collaboration with, and communication to, a workforce or students in a classroom cannot be understated.” 

Chicago is an air hub just like Atlanta is an air hub, so I’m not all that convinced about the transport argument (though it is kinda midway from either coast). But it IS the US home to a fair number of companies, notably NEC and LG – the sorts that tend to book larger footprints on show floors.

The show may have a bit of a challenge competing for travel budgets with the various events staged in New York, during what’s grown into New York Digital Signage Week. That will be roughly two weeks earlier, in late October. Some people will hit both, but others will have to choose. It probably won’t affect the end-user crowd much, as the NYDSW is in many respects built around the ecosystem. The business and higher ed communications crowd wouldn’t likely see a lot of relevance to NYDSW, or even know about it.

Here’s a vid from Exponation about the CorpComms event.

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