Projects: Billboard Mapping In Milan

November 9, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Via Av Magazine

Here’s an interesting spin on projection mapping, that addresses what to do about the marketing investment when the sun is up. In this case, two traditional billboards facing each other across a square in Milan have static messaging by day and motion by night, the billboards lit up by long throw projector lenses flanking the billboards.

The technique is being called Billboard Mapping.

Reports Av Magazine:

Samsung joined forces with LiquidThread, Starcom Mediavest Group’s innovation arm, and Projection Artworks, 3D projection and interactive experiences studio, to pioneer a never-before-seen billboard format.

Coined Billboard Mapping, the new technique, which has been developed over two years by Projection Artworks, turns a standard billboard into a canvas for experiential moving imagery that comes alive after dark thanks to carefully mapped and projected 3D animation sequences. The end result is a billboard that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Samsung decided to be a trailblazer for this new approach with a campaign for the Galaxy S6 edge+ smartphone. Debuting at Milan’s Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace), the campaign is – by day – a static product-focused billboard ad. But, after dark, it transforms into a stunning immersive projection sequence.

The sequence, conceived by LiquidThread, echoes the Arco della Pace’s architecture. To promote the brands proposition of Next is Now, as well as the phone’s ultra hi-quality camera, the screen of the Galaxy S6 edge+ sits in the middle of the billboard and becomes a frame for sumptuously heightened architectural detail, celebrating features that often go unnoticed by passersby.

You need the right circumstances and conditions for this sort of thing to work, as well as the sort of minimalist billboard design to work on its own by day and accept projections at night, but the approach is indeed clever.

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