Projects: The Biggest Indoor Projection Map Project In US

October 26, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Hat tip to DailyDOOH, as I missed this one when the release came out …

Here is a terrific example of what can be done with projection mapping INSIDE a room with controlled lighting conditions – the ceiling on Union Station in St. Louis, MO.

Solutions provider Technomedia describes the “Grand Hall Experience” as the largest permanently installed indoor  projection mapping show in the United States. The original circa 1894 barrel ceiling is lit up by a series of 4K Christie projectors, and the visuals are backed by a 10.1 surround sound system, LED accent lighting and an automated control system.

The content is custom vignettes about the city, its people and long history.

The station was once the largest and busiest passenger rail terminal in the world, but was shut down as an active rail center in 1978, as travel habits changed. It’s now an event center that includes a hotel and retail, a centerpiece of the historic district.

The Grand Hall Experience has been running since mid 2014 and has already won awards.

The Grand Hall Experience : St. Louis Union Station : Projection Mapping by Technomedia from Technomedia Solutions on Vimeo.

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