IntuiLab Turns On Interactive Toolset For ChromeOS Digital Signage

October 19, 2015 by Dave Haynes


The French firm IntuiLab has developed and announced a version of its interactive screen tools to work with low-cost Chromeboxes and all-in-one Chromebase displays.

The hook to the IntuiFace platform is its ability to enable slick, highly interactive HTML5-based experiences without the designer, developer or network operator need to know much of anything about coding.

The ChromeOS player adds to ones already available for Windows, iOS, Android and Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform. The interesting thing here, at least to me, is that this IntuiFace set-up would pretty much negate the need for a traditional digital signage CMS.

In the right circumstances, a multi-touch interactive piece could be cooked up within the company’s Composer software and run across multiple platforms without having to build something specific for each of those platforms.

However, IntuiFace is not set up for allowing users to go in via the Web and just update the content directly, as users can do with most or all signage CMS platforms.

So this and Chrome device management don’t replace a base-level CMS, but a-l-m-o-s-t …

I’ve seen a lengthy demo of IntuiFace and it is pretty damn slick. It looks intuitive (and should be with that name). I liked all the capabilities for live data, which for an interactive screen aimed at things like retail, hospitality or transport would be really important.

Here’s the press release:

IntuiLab, provider of IntuiFace, the world’s premier no-coding interactive experience creation platform, is pleased to announce support for Chrome OS. This makes IntuiFace the signage industry’s first no coding platform enabling multi-touch content creation for any Chromebook, Chromebox and Chromebase device, including those offered by Google and AOpen. With the addition of Chrome OS, IntuiLab offers an unprecedented variety of platform options for interactive digital signage.

Built from the ground-up with multi-touch capabilities at its core, the IntuiFace platform enables any business to create engaging, highly interactive HTML5-based experiences without coding – no development skills are required – that can be deployed within minutes onto any PC, tablet and Chrome OS device. These touch-first experiences can incorporate a wide variety of media formats, any live connection to cloud-based data and APIs (including social networks and the Internet of Things), and all of the core capabilities necessary for successful signage and kiosk deployments, including fine grained user data collection, scheduling and the ability to work offline.

Chrome OS is becoming a popular go-to digital signage infrastructure option thanks to its low cost, high performance and ease of installation and maintenance. To work within this environment, IntuiFace has produced a Chrome Kiosk App version of its Player software. As a Kiosk App, Player can be used in Single App Kiosk mode on Chrome OS, meaning it can run full screen and prevent user exit. In addition, IntuiFace Player is compatible with Chrome device management, permitting remote Player installation and software updates.

With Chrome OS support, IntuiFace enables companies to quickly generate and publish multi-touch content for everything from classic digital signage to information kiosks, curated exhibits, retail point-of-sale catalogs and sales presentations. These interactive experiences enable deeply configurable device-side data collection – crucial for analytics and marketing automation – and support real-time integration with any third party data source, business logic or connected device. The resulting content is the holy grail of digital signage: environmentally aware, user-relevant, fully customizable content for any size deployment or screen.

“As a manufacturer of commercial grade Chrome devices, it is important for us to help our clients produce premium content for those devices as well,” says Erik Siera, Business Development Manager Europe at AOpen. “IntuiFace not only makes this possible at a fraction of the cost and time associated with bespoke development, but it does so for interactive – not just static – signage. It is just the kind of platform our partners are looking for.”

”IntuiLab’s commitment to an HTML5-based approach has enabled us to bring our no coding, multi-touch digital signage creation platform to Chrome OS,” says Vincent Encontre, IntuiLab’s CEO. “IntuiFace hides the complexity of HTML5 while exposing all of its advantages in a simple drag-and-drop environment. On top of that, the ability of IntuiFace to collect customer data makes any Chrome OS device an invaluable source of information for analytics and marketing automation.”

IntuiFace’s Chrome OS support is available today. To try it for free, install the Free Edition of IntuiFace Composer, available here, and navigate your Chrome OS device to the Google App Store, search for ‘intuiface’ and install Player. The Chrome OS-based Player works just as it does on all other platforms supported by IntuiFace. Details for installing and using IntuiFace Player can be found here.

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