ComQi Paper Takes Different Look At Corporate Comms Signage Strategy

October 9, 2015 by Dave Haynes

comqicorpcomsNY-based software and services firm ComQi has pushed out a white paper that gives a different look at what corporate communications digital signage is all about.

It covers off the traditional stuff – like staff messaging and directories – but also gets into some far less travelled turf like policy compliance and KPI dashboards.

Two or three years ago, Hellberg and I were at a trucking company in Michigan talking corporate comms content, and walked into a break room absolutely wallpapered with state and federal rules and regs posters we assumed had to be up there. There had to be a better way, we thought.

The policy compliance section goes into how this sort of thing could be done better, not only in footprint but adding things like language options and mobile downloads.

The paper is called How Digital Signage Is Changing Corporate Communications and is a free, no-strings-attached download (not a fan of those ones you need to register to receive, though I get why that’s done).

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