Projects: Toronto’s Union Station Ties Up Ads With LED

September 18, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Anyone who commutes into Toronto by rail can tell you what a confused, awful mess its main rail station has been for many years, and fortunately the long-running effort to spruce it up is starting to be revealed.

The new York Concourse area opened recently – and it doesn’t feel like a basement storage hall for an out of home ad company. It’s bright, airy and the ad positions are built into the overall design.

At least so far.

I walked through there the other day and counted six rounded support columns with 360-degree digital posters, run by Clear Channel Canada.


There are also two big NanoLumens LED walls in the glass atrium that is now home to the Union Person Express train.

The Union Pearson screens are all, I believe, owned and managed by IMA Outdoor, which had the ad concession at Union Station and the suburban Go commuter tail stations for many years.

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